For retail chain companies

Today, a large number of local and foreign sales-chain companies are active in Russia (these are retail, gas station, hotel, car-dealer chains, etc.) which have ambitious plans for expansion and strengthening not only in Moscow, but also in Russian regions.


For chain companies which lead or plan to have active development at the Russian territory, CESC renders services at each stage of project implementation:

    • Land plot technical audit

    • Conceptual proposals: setting the object on the site plan, architectural concept, defining basic parameters of the object and utility consumption;

    • Design

    • Preparation of tender documentation for selection of contractors

    • Author's and technical supervision

    • Construction management


Chain companies that work with CESC benefit from the following:

    reduction of the total time of the project's implementation, because the company does not have to get familiar with the standards and specialty of the chain;;

    transaction costs during the project's implementation are reduced Your company contacts a single person and all matters are settled much faster and easier;

    reduced рreduced risks – quality of our services is confirmed by large sales chains, such as Metro Cash & Carry Ltd., CJSC Dorinda (O’KEY trade complexes), Lenta Ltd.

    Complex approach is provided – Complex approach is provided – rather often one can face a situation, when companies work in a single region and specialize on rendering one or two services. In such situation, chain companies have to constantly chose between the quality and speed of work, look for new contractors, train people, contact sub-contractors, which seriously slows down the expansion plans. Our company provides the full scope of services and works in almost all regions of the country.


With any questions concerning our services and work with chain companies you can turn to our managers.