Adaptation of Foreign Projects

If a company wants to build a real estate object on the basis of design documentation prepared by a foreign company without full consideration of Russian norms, the probability of problems that may arise during the expert assessing of the design, as well as substantial extension of implementation terms grows.

Fairly often, in order to speed-up the start of the object, the Client does not wait for results of the expert assessment and starts construction on the basis of the available design prepared by a foreign company. Such scheme, despite some deviations from the legislation, can be rather efficient.

If the client and developer are certain that the design documentation corresponds with Russian norms and that the company which has elaborated the design has a permit from a Self-regulated organization (SRO) in Russia, then construction based on such documentation is possible, although it is risky. In this case the risk of changing design solutions after results of the expert assessment arrive, with further change of solutions already implemented on the construction site is born, as a rule, by the client or developer.

If the design documentation was prepared by a foreign company which does not possess a SRO-permit and which does not master building legislation of Russia, an adaptation of this documentation becomes essential.

CESC adapts design documentation of a foreign design company with consideration both Russian and European norms. At that, usually, the stricter norms and solutions are adopted.

If fire safety norms of FM Global company have to be met, all design solutions are coordinated with FM Global for further insuring of the object.

The documentation can be prepared in one language - Russian, as well as in two languages - Russian and the language of the Client.

The result of work will be a bi-lateral design documentation that will correspond both with Russian and European norms.